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If you are like many people who exercise regularly but are having trouble getting rid of fatty bulges despite dieting you may want to consider noninvasive iLipo. This device sculpts the body by influencing the fatty cells under the skin surface. The i-Lipo laser system uses visible red and infra red energy to stimulate the body’s natural fat reduction process without harming any surrounding tissues.

During a basic i-Lipo session, you lie down and a technician puts four pads on the treatment area. The pads have 36 laser diodes that emit energy into the fat cells in your skin. This causes them to break down and release the contents of your fat cells (triglycerides). The triglycerides enter your bloodstream where they are processed by the liver for fuel. As the triglycerides circulate, they shrink your fat cells so that they can’t hold as much stored fat.

Once the triglycerides are removed from the cell, that fat cell is like a grape. It will shrink and can’t grow back as a fat cell, similar to how your body sheds a grape after you squeeze it. The results of i-Lipo are permanent because the cells can’t regenerate as they would with a fat-destruction procedure such as liposuction.

However, you can gain weight in the area of your body that has been treated with i-Lipo if you are not careful about maintaining a stable weight. You’ll need to continue with your healthy diet and exercise habits to maintain your i-Lipo results.

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